SAUNDERS: Tyron of Toronto Formerly of Kingston and Newmarket


Tyron Antonio Wilhelmy Saunders, born August 15, 1988, passed on from this world on December 31, 2017, in Toronto, from an asthma attack, at the age of 29. He is survived by his son, Kaedence Ward; mother, Janice Saunders Eaton; stepfather, Murray Eaton; brothers Liam, Keegan, and Kiefer Eaton; grandmother Mary Saunders, and grandfather Gary Saunders: his Devon Rex cat Kessel, who will now be living with his son and mother Niki Ward. Ty will be missed by hundreds of other friends and family members and love of his life, Jade Miller, who inspired Ty be a better person.
Tyron was a supernova and shines brightly, making the world a more magical place both for the time he was in it and for years to come in the future. A familiar face on the downtown scene in Toronto (and back in Kingston), Tyron was recognizable from a distance, often with green dreadlocks, covered in artistic tattoos from face down, and wearing daring and noticeable ensembles. He loved fiercely and deeply: both the people in his life and the things that inspired him. A lover of fashion, science, graffiti, hip-hop, and adventure, amongst other passions, he couldn’t wait to share his inspirations with the world as soon as they caught hold of him. He could turn any idea into a plan and an adventure, and could make excitement out of what seemed like nothing. From a distance, he could seem larger than life, but those who knew him close-up were touched by his intensity and realness. The relationships he forged with others, from those he only saw a few times to close friends, family members, and partners, were unforgettable and frequently perspective-changing. Often magnetically compelling, Tyron was a man who was as completely unapologetically “himself” as one could be.
Tyron was born in Mexico City, and grew up mostly in Toronto, Newmarket, and Kingston, Ontario. He began his adult life in Kingston, and moved to Toronto in 2009. He embraced life in both places, connecting with many, and is well-loved in both cities. Some of the highlights of his life include the birth of his son Kaedence, in Kingston in 2008; beginning his own self-designed clothing line in Toronto in 2013; and traveling internationally in the last few years, exploring new places with a powerful enthusiasm. In recent years, he had begun a spiritual journey, becoming vegetarian, diving into science books and nature documentaries, and reflecting on the world and his role in it. Often talking circles around those surrounding him, his intelligence and insatiable curiosity guided him on this journey.
Tyron was and continues to be deeply loved by his friends and family. The world feels a bit more empty without him, but he lives on in every part of the world he touched. He made a hat reading “too weird to live, too rare to die” and it is this contradiction that marks his life and passing: brighter than seems possible, it is also impossible for him to really be gone. The world lost a rare jewel on December 31, 2017, but he shines on. We love you Tyron, always gold.
A celebration of life was held on January 6, 2018, one of the coldest days in years at -22 degrees Celsius, at a former Buddhist temple in downtown Toronto.

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