IVANYSHYN, Loretta Loraine (nee Godlewski)


Loretta Loraine Ivanyshyn

Where an expensive painting may sit hovering above an antique table with a vase of freshly picked daisies, our mother will take notice of the beauty of the daisies in the vase. Her ability to tap into the “real” was unprecedented. She always noticed what others might not see. Her heart was the most prominent organ in her body. Always giving her care, her love, her smiles. She had a natural happiness in small things and absolute joy in celebrations and events.  Illuminating with talent and artistic ability, she could craft a fragment of fabric into a creation of colour and art and a stroke of paint or a drawing into a fairy tale of illusion and colour. Her love of music poured through her fingers when she played her violin and was always inspired to sit in front of a piano and play tunes without sheet music. She had a fond love of classical movies and musicals. She loved opera and would shed a tear or two when listening to Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli or any music that was filled with beauty and love. She cheerfully baked and cooked, spending hours preparing foods that added delicious memories to our special occasions. She could be found always wearing her signature aprons with markings of flour, butter and spices still etched in the fabric. Her hair always curled and set, there was always a glow on her skin from the warm oven as she stopped to dance a little dance or sing a little song with the radio. We can’t help but remember the incredible joy she found in walking long distances for shopping or on a pathway in a country park. While people sped by in the convenience of their vehicles, she walked, and took the time to stop in at all her favourite little shops along the way to smile and talk with everyone she met. She taught us to open our hearts to the world, to learn and understand other nationalities and cultures. She was our original storyteller and narrator and showed us what imagination was. With pieces of colourful fabric lying across chairs, you could often find her huddled over a sewing machine as she pieced together colourful garments for her family.  Fond memories as we grew up of the many costumes she created for parades and festivals, special occasions and dance costumes with sequins and feathers and many trips to Fabricland and Queen Street in Toronto for costume décor. Mom spent years caring for the elderly as a Nurse’s Aide. She had a special way of speaking to and understanding the needs of those who she cared for. Often times you would find her helping an elderly person with their garden or lending a hand if they needed help with crossing a street.   She enjoyed belonging to a seniors centre in Acton and appeared in the local newspaper on many occasions with many of her friends.   She spent endless hours caring for her mother who spent her final days at her home on Caledonia.  It was this gentle and unselfish strength that gave her such compassion for all living things. She cared deeply for her family and was especially close to those who took the time to sit and talk with her. She may not have had a university degree, but her knowledge in human nature was abundant. Her grandchildren, Robin and Brandon, were her pride and joy and she wanted so much to watch them grow and succeed. She spoke of them often to others with incredible pride and emotion holding them in her memories and continuously rekindling the stories of their childhood years.

She was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandma, an aunt, a cousin, a best friend. And she will be remembered for her loving smile and laugh. We love you mom. You will live in our hearts forever.  Messages of condolence can be left at www.peacefultransition.ca

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