Dylan R Haskett of Calgary, Alberta

The world became a little less colorful, and much less Punk Rock, when Dylan Haskett unexpectedly passed away on the evening of August 31st 2018. He died in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta. 

Born to Cathy, and Russ Haskett in Hamilton, Ontario, on February 11th, 1991. Dylan lived the Hamilton area for the majority of his childhood; Waterdown, and Carlisle Ontario. He then moved to Calgary Alberta, and lived his remaining teenage years with his Dad. He lived out most of his life in Calgary. 

Having the best majority of his family spread over the country, and the United States, Dylan was certainly blessed with a large circle of friends. Friends were a large part of his life, and always had fond stories to share about his time with them. Always offering a bed, or a couch, or a floor to anyone who needed one. 

It is a little known fact, that Dylan was also an activist for human rights. He attended, and orchestrated protests, and rally’s in support of his cause. He also volunteered at many charities. Especially ones that catered to the homeless population around Calgary. 

Dylan became a young father to a son, named Keiran Haskett, on May 25th 2010. Although their time was extremely limited, his son was the light of his life for 8 years. 

Dylan is predeceased by his father, Russ Haskett, September 20th, 2011. He is survived by his son, Keiran Haskett. His mother, Cathy Berezowski. His sisters Sarah Campbell (née Haskett) and Victoria Haskett. His grandparents Brian, and Gail Berezowski. His niece, Kiah Campbell. As well as his many aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family from all over Canada. 

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