The time has come time to say farewell…

Perhaps this is a goodbye that is long overdue and perhaps one that could have been predicted even before we began. This website was started with one goal, to become a FREE, national obituary directory to help those who have lost people they love share their news (obituaries) with those who care.

While we never dreamt that creating and promoting a website would be easy, we certainly underestimated the number of our colleagues who were not willing to assist the grieving families in their care to make use of a free service. We have watched other professions work to better serve their clientele, by taking information from print to online like Realtor, AutoTrader, and even dating websites; it has become apparent that funeral service just isn’t ready yet.

Seven years ago we began a journey which is impossible to regret. We have learned a great deal about the online world, travelled to various cities to promote the cause, met the Dragons face to face, and have come to recognize who the true leaders are in our line of work. We are incredibly grateful for the support of the core group of contributing funeral homes that have continued to post faithfully, and for the thousands of people that visited this site each and every day.

It is a disappointment that our efforts were inadequate to bring our dream to fruition but we say thank you to each one of you who has supported us along the way.

In a day in age when we spend so much time trying to identify all of the reasons why something may not work, we vow to continue to be willing to fail if we believe we are doing the right thing – and we will always try when we believe that what we are creating will help others.

Until next time…

Brett Denning and Colin Haskett

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